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A heady mix of experience and enthusiasm blends digital natives with dyed-in-the-wool wordsmiths. We’re not very formal and we don’t really do hierarchies. We match the team to the brief and always acknowledge that it’s a people thing.

About Ridgemount

Integrated marketing solutions

We are an integrated marketing agency that uses informed strategy to write, design and disseminate your message across the right channels to have it seen by the right people.

Our creative department works out what medium would be most effective for the story you wish to tell. The team then develop the most suitable way of presenting information – conceptualising, shooting, and designing content with the wow-factor…

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Ridgemount has a proven track record of helping our clients achieve their marketing goals and drive tangible results. As a Google partner, we have demonstrated that we have the skills and expertise when it comes to maximising digital campaign performance. 

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Ridgemount started life as a PR agency, and we haven’t forgotten our roots. Working with our clients we develop a PR Strategy that creates a positive reputation through press, social media and in-person engagement.

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Marketing strategy refers to the overall game plan for your business when attracting potential customers. Your strategy should be informed by research, the understanding of customer demographics and work with your brand messaging to position you as the market leader.

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