Browsing Instagram has changed…

Hand holding Instagram splash screen

Instagram has now released its non-algorithmic news feed options to all its users. Before you start to feel that inevitable fear of change, rest assured that the options do not mean the platform has completely changed the way it does… its thang.

Can the Metaverse be used for Digital Marketing?

Futuristic image depicting the metaverse

The metaverse may be a new and emerging concept to many, but the idea has been around for a long time. With games like The SIMS and Second Life, people have been able to disappear into a virtual world of some form for 20+ years

Influencer marketing for construction? Really?

Social media influencer with ring light filming content

Influencer marketing isn’t new – although it has mostly been associated with celebrity endorsements for lifestyle products. News alert: you don’t have to be an A-list celebrity to earn a profitable living through influencer activity…