Ridgemount tops the table again

Ting, Jenny, Keon and Mike in a meeting in Mortlake office

Do league tables matter? When you’re at the top, absolutely!
We are delighted to have maintained our number one ranking in the Construction Marketing Awards agency league table for the third year in a row. Benchmarking. We think we’re great, of course…

We are a Google Partner

We strive to ensure that our clients receive a service that truly helps deliver on their company goals and helps them to get an excellent return on investment; we never settle. Therefore, we are very proud to say that Ridgemount is now…

Should I cut my PR budget?

Accountant reviewing PR budgets

Some say that PR and communications are our most valuable assets in times of crisis, so why then is it always the first line of budget that gets the axe? It makes no sense.

What is PR?

Photo of building

What does PR in the construction sector mean to you? There are a lot of answers to that question and here’s why we’ve dropped “PR” from our name. Vigilant observers of Ridgemount’s…

The rush to offsite

Architect analysing housing plan

In the last 2 years the Government has put a lot of effort into normalising the practice of offsite manufacturing (OSM) and modern methods of construction (MMC). A key reason for this encouragement has been the rising problem of of a lack of affordable housing and homelessness…