Grab the attention of your audience with the help of our dedicated production team.

Our creative department works out what medium would be most effective for the story you wish to tell. The team then develop the most suitable way of presenting information – conceptualising, shooting, and designing content with the wow-factor.

Good design and production gives you the tools needed to sell your product and establish your company as a brand worth taking note of. Through well thought out visual campaigns, compelling social media graphics, effective advertisements, infographics, video, and collateral a well-designed brand is a memorable one.

Our creative services

Ridgemount boasts its own in-house creative team made up of designers, videographers and creatives that strive to push what is possible in the world of video, design, and branding. The team is on hand to develop, design and realise your brand vision and brings flare and continuity to all marketing campaigns.

Whether it is a re-brand, or you are just starting out, we bring your visual tone together and make sure you hit the market with an impact. 

We like to give a visual voice to brands that help them stand out against the competition with memorable printed collateral.

Our design team create eye-catching GIFs, social assets, MPUs and banner ads that achieve clickthroughs and sales conversions.

We create memorable, engaging and thought-proving video content, optimised for the right channels. 

Lighting, shooting and editing we provide all you need for pitch-perfect photography.

Your website is the face of your company, it better be looking sharp and have a user-journey that is precisely optimised. 

Have you got an idea that needs to be realised in the physical world?

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Looking up with SAS

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