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Video is a great way to speak to your audience in an easily digested format. The possibilities are endless with a variety of styles, techniques and treatments.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then video is a novel the size of War and Peace. Video helps increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educates your audience, and allows you to reach them with a new medium.

Video is an easy way to capture an audience when attention spans are short in the busy online world.

Included in the service

Ridgemount offers video production in all forms. We’ll work with you to create a killer video in the right format and fit for the right channel. Be this a long form documentary style video or a short punchy social post, our inhouse production team have it covered.

From shooting, storyboarding, editing, and scripting we create traditional video content to excite, educate and entertain. Our video service is a one stop shop for a production of any size and scope.  

Animation offers a great alternative to real world video and is not limited by physics. Punchy, fun, informative and shareable – animated content draws the eye. 

If your brand wishes to display its core values and principles in an easy and fun way, video offers the perfect solution. We have moved on from stuffy corporate videos to create content that is as dynamic as your company and its people 

Social media is busy, and packed with content. Video works with the transient attention span of the social media audience and our social media video is always designed to grab attention. Whether it is creating short form content from longer or existing video stock or creating a bespoke animation that pops on your social feeds. Ridgemount can get you noticed.  

Are you ready to start production on your next masterpiece?

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