GA4 Simplified,
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Transitioning from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) might feel overwhelming – a step into the unknown. Here at Ridgemount we think that far from being something to be feared, GA4 is to be welcomed with open arms. The platform is designed for exceptional tracking, enabling businesses to gain deeper and more actionable insights from their website user data. 

What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? 

Google Analytics 4, (or GA4), is a massive step up from Universal Analytics.  

GA4 is responding to a new digital landscape where user privacy is ever more important while in-depth and flexible analysis of website user behaviour is a top priority. 

 One of the main changes is the way interactions are measured. Universal GA (or GA3) tracked sessions – essentially following individual users across a site and reporting on what they do.  

GA4 tracks events rather than sessions. The individual user is anonymous, what is important is the individual actions that users are taking (events). These are highly customisable and you can set up tracking for the specific event or action that you want users to complete. 

Just as important, GA4 will collect together user data from across platforms – including Apps – providing seamless integration with other Google products. 

A man working on his laptop viewing a GA4 dashboard

Our GA4 Support includes  


A complete GA4 setup requires more than embedding the analytics code on your website. We will evaluate your tracking strategy, analyse your existing conversions, and pinpoint any weaknesses. Settings, tags, events, and conversions all need to be carefully considered and adjusted during the configuration process. We’ll help you configure your settings to analyse the data that matters most to your business. 

Google Tag Manager

Performing best as a team, Google Tag Manager works with GA4 to enhance digital analytics and maximise the impact of marketing activity. Let us handle your setup, configuration, and management of tags to improve your business’s tracking and data accuracy. GTM helps manage and install marketing tags on your website. Tags are essentially small pieces of code that communicate with Google whenever a specific action is completed. This will record actions from, for example, Meta Pixels, Google Ads Conversions or any other custom tag you wish to set up. Whether you need help with installation or enhanced optimisation, we’re here to help. 

GA4 Retention report overview

Ongoing GA4 Support

We offer comprehensive GA4 support, including everything from managing your set up to configuring new tags and customising events to match your business strategy. Refining your analytics to ensure accurate performance, we’ll deliver bespoke reports that detail actionable insights. Our team is always on standby to provide technical support for any issues that arise. With regular revisits to your GA4, our strategic consultancy works to realign your GA4 use with your business goals, ensuring smooth integration of the latest features. 

A custom Google Analytics 4 custom traffic report example.

Why choose GA4?

Data tracking is changing, and it’s changing quickly. GA4 was released to enable business owners and marketers to look forward to a future beyond cookies. Designed for effective cross-device tracking and a better understanding of user engagement, GA4 is a big upgrade from Universal Analytics, allowing for a more precise data-driven strategy and relevant analytics experience. 

A Google Analytics 4 acquisition report overview example.