Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing gives you the opportunity to collaborate and position your brand in the right place.

Connecting with the right influencer fast tracks your message to the right people, delivered in a format that they are keen to listen to and will actively seek out. Harnessing Influencer Marketing brings with it a heap of rewards, positive coverage of your product or service, brand recognition and tangible results.

Included in the service

At Ridgemount, we make the process of Influencer Marketing easy; from tracking down the right person for the right audience to analysing the results. We will ensure your brand is aligned with the Influencers that are going to resonate best while yielding the best engagement.

We work out who it is you are talking to, where they are sourcing their information and what influencer they just can’t get enough of.

The paperwork is handled in house so you can sit back and enjoy the content.
Ridgemount has a growing network of trusted Influencers who are all in the fast lane when it comes to online traffic.

We will measure the results, see what is working and what needs ramping up – making sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

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