How to make your video go further

March 27, 2023
Charlie Webb

We thought it was tricky enough to get a camera crew out with normal health and safety restrictions in place, well the current situation is a whole new kettle of fish.

With video ads becoming the number one way customers are moving from discovering a brand to purchasing its products it is important that you don’t let the ‘new normal’ stop you.

Man editing historical video content on a laptop

Reuse, repurpose, reupload and reap the rewards

So how can you use video in a post Covid world?

One easy answer is to look back at old content you have. There is a whole heap of things you can do with historic video.

Is this content still relevant? Could it be snappier? Would it benefit from titles or new music? Or even, could I group a load of videos together and create a best of? If the answer to one of these questions is ‘Yes’ – then do it

Case Study: IKO Shed Felt

At the start of the pandemic IKO came to Ridgemount PR wanting to run a digital campaign to promote their Shed Felt offering to a consumer audience.


The tools at their disposal were:

A trusted name and a 4-minute video from 2018.


Our answer:

Chop up the old video, shorten it, add new titles, and rework the soundtrack. The renewed video was then promoted to an audience on social media.

The Results:

A few simple video edits and clever targeting produced incredible results.

Over 95,000 people watched 75% of this video. This compares with an industry average of 10 seconds viewing for video posted on Facebook.

Nearly 64,000 people watched to the end of the video and therefore received the information on where to buy the product – a key objective for this campaign.

This case study also highlights another powerful tool when reusing video content. It is easy to think that once you have tweeted a video out then it is done and dusted. But remember not everyone that follows your brand will see your video.

Reupload and retarget, there is a wealth of potential customers sitting on their laptops, tablets and phone that may not have seen your video from 2018. If the information is still relevant, get it out there!

Along with animation, user generated content, webinars, and webcam videos there many options available to marketeers during the new normal. To find out more about making your video go further watch our webinar here.