Does length matter? How to choose between short and long form video  

Obviously, by now, you are all using video content in your marketing strategy. Right? (you better be – 78% of Marketing Professionals Say Videos Helped Increase Sales).  

But what kind are you using? With the meteoric rise of TikTok, the temptation may be to focus solely on short-form content.  

This sort of content 100% has its benefits. One, it is easy to do. You can grab your phone, hook up a mic, and BOOM video fit for purpose. Video creation in this way is what social platforms are set up for and favour as they are quicker to consume and mobile-friendly.  

However, long-form videos can turn into a HEAP of benefits.

Why choose longer form video content? 

Understandably, you don’t have time to film long-form videos every day. However, when you do, the video can be repurposed and linked to a range of content. The uses are endless, from hooks for a newsletter, a tie-in blog to the video or promoting it on YouTube!

In fact, you can even create lots of shorter clips – giving yourself a bank of repurposed content to use over time.  

Longer-form video in B2B marketing also builds a stronger connection with your audience as it helps you stand out as an authority in your sector. You can easily do this by paying attention to the video’s production value. This can be as simple as adding graphics, music, or stock footage to make your production shine.  

There is, however, no right or wrong approach to video marketing when it comes to length.  

The benefits of short form content 

Short-form is a great place to get creative and try new approaches. As clichéd as it sounds, this is where you want to be if you want to talk to a younger demographic who engages well with this content.   

For example, we have produced TikTok content for our client Prysmian, which has worked wonders for them in terms of viewing numbers and has helped them reach the millennial and Gen-Z audience of upcoming electricians.  – 221.6K view 

If the content you wish to produce is more detailed and technical, long-form content may be best as you can go into depth and potentially form a stronger informed connection with your audience.  

Cost per ThruPlay of 2p with 20,622 ThruPlays

As we have done with Prysmian, a combination of the two generates the best results. It is hitting its target audience at every stage and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to content marketing.  

We are creating fun and engaging TikTok content, where we get to experiment and reap the rewards. 

And at the same time, we are informing and educating a more technically savvy audience with product information and detailed analysis.  

Make sure you speak to Ridgemount to get the most out of your video marketing.  


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