Video Killed the Public Relations Star

videographer filming content

If a picture can tell a thousand words, how many can a video tell?

From clever case studies, punchy product how-tos, interesting interviews and amazing animation, video can offer a whole new world of storytelling.

And the best thing is you don’t have to be Hitchcock to make an impact OR have a Hollywood budget when creating a blockbuster for your brand.

We make it as easy as possible for our clients to visualise their cinematic fantasy.  So, for those thinking of calling ‘Action’ on their latest development, here are 5 easy steps to successful video management:

1. What is the point?

A simple question that is often overlooked when making a video. Having a clear objective is essential. Is brand awareness what you are craving? Is it information you want to get over? Or is it a new medium to get your customers engaged?

You need to be entirely clear what it is you are trying to achieve. We like to work together with our clients to make sure we are very clear what “call to action” they are looking for as this will shape the look and feel of the production

2. Who is your audience?

Or better still… know your audience. What will appeal most to the people you want to reach. Is it humour? Is it animated statistics? Or is it a recognisable face? Have a clear idea of who it is you are talking to and what will resonate best with them.

3. Think outside the box

The corporate video highlighting your friendly staff, top-flight facilities and unstoppable commitment to the environment has been done to death since 1989. Think about how to stand out and be different. Does the MD of the company really have to feature? Do we really need another statistic about sales and employee retainment? Online people’s attention span is dwindling, so grab it!

4. Manage your time

The most successful video productions work when all parties are on the same page from the off. We start with a detailed storyboard and we don’t start any shooting until we are all very clear on the concept.

It’s easy to forget that the video making process doesn’t finish once filming is done. There’s a whole bunch of time consuming post-production to be done, so be concise with what amends you want made. Remember, time is money .

At the end of the day there will always be changes, but if you start with a solid target, strategy and storyboard in place, it saves the monotonous editing and re-editing process. Video editing is like pulling at a loose thread on a jumper, keep pulling and it all falls apart.

5. Have fun

This sort of goes without saying. The best videos always come out of a playful place, the lighter touch and good-humoured content always performs best.

Viral videos don’t get made by people deciding to make them, they happen by accident. But the one thing 90% of them share is they are fun and funny.

Think about how to get across personality and humour and your video will shine.


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