We’re Number 1. 

For the third year in a row, we are delighted to announce that Ridgemount is (once again) ranked number one in the Construction Marketing Awards Agency League. 

As the dark grip of a seemingly never-ending January finally loosened, February came in early with the good news. 

The Construction Marketing Awards showcase the construction industry’s creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in marketing. The CMA Agency League looks at a rolling four-year window of results from the Construction Marketing Awards, a centrepiece in the sector calendar. 

Naturally, we are thrilled to hold on to the top spot as we pride ourselves on these standards of the industry. 

But what that ranking really mean? 

Why not judge for yourself. Here are some of the campaigns that have helped us maintain our number one spot over the last 4 years. 

An advertising take, harnessing the power of mistakes.

A researched-backed social campaign with a global reach that asked our audience to look up at the world above

Being at the forefront of influencer marketing for one of the most widely recognised power-tool brands in the industry.

Crushing KPIs with the use of Google Ads

As we make our way into 2024, we will continue to push creativity, innovation, and effective communication strategies. We don’t tend to rest on our laurels …. well maybe quick break to admire our prime ranking every now and then. 

More on the Construction Marketing Awards Agency League here.


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