What are LinkedIn newsletters and why should you be using them?

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If you’ve been on LinkedIn recently, you’ve probably noticed a few newsletter requests popping up in your notifications.

So now that LinkedIn has made it easier for members to create newsletters, it seems everyone’s hopping on the trend. This begs the questions – what are these ‘newsletters’, and should I be using them?

A LinkedIn newsletter is basically a feed of your LinkedIn content, curated for your specific audience. The articles can include any images and videos you like, and you can write them about anything.

“But that’s the same as LinkedIn Articles,” you say?

Well actually, it’s different. Articles that you publish appear in your timeline, which connections only see whilst scrolling through their feed. Whereas newsletters alert your subscribers via email and a LinkedIn notification. Who wouldn’t want free direct reach?

Harness LinkedIn to be discoverable

It’s worth pointing out, however, for users to be notified, they’ll need to subscribe to your newsletter first. You can do this by sending an invite to current connections or followers. Just make sure you target the right audience (a professional dancer won’t want to know about the top 5 ladders to use for window cleaning – or they might..?).

LinkedIn newsletters also allow your content to be discoverable through search engines – increasing visibility and reach for your business, all for free.

Anyone with a personal LinkedIn profile with Creator Mode turned on can start a newsletter. Like all marketing, you have to put the time and effort in, but it can be another great way to build brand awareness and engagement.

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Explaining how to subscribe to LinkedIn newsletter


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