What is PR?

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What does PR in the construction sector mean to you? There are a lot of answers to that question and here’s why we’ve dropped “PR” from our name.

Vigilant observers of Ridgemount’s development will have noticed a small, but highly significant change to our name.  After thirty years we have dropped “PR”.  Why?

Ridgemount built its reputation in the days when editorial was editorial and advertising was advertising.  We all (sort of) knew the difference.

“PR is about the story,” we said (we still say that). “Focus on the story – make it relevant, engaging, relatable and public”. And we had huge success with our press relations programmes, keeping our clients’ names prominent in relevant journals.

We loved press relations and we still do. The right publications are valuable and trusted information sources and we’ll bust a gut to get our clients’ stories in there.


If we’ve got a great story to tell – are we really going to restrict ourselves to the established media channels? 

When we know our audience turns to internet searches first and spends way more time on social media than in reading journals?

When we know that video, music, podcasts and great graphics provide attention-grabbing storytelling opportunities?

When working from home means free circulation publications are sitting in empty offices gathering dust?

When digital delivery channels allow us to understand exactly what interests our audience and deliver measurable results?

Of course not.

So: Welcome to the new Ridgemount. A digital-first Ridgemount providing integrated marketing support services.

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