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Building the Future  

Prysmian Group, a world-leading cable manufacturer is built of employees who know the business inside out. Prysmian Group have continuously proven their commitment to fostering young talent and its ‘Build the Future’ Graduate Programme has been refining the skills of budding professionals for 13 years

Campaign Overview

Services included:

PPC  |  Social Media


increase in graduate applications 
0 %
exceeded the KPIs for the social media campaign by 168%
0 %
exceeded the KPIs for the Google Ads campaign by 96%
0 %

The challenge

In 2022 the objective was clear: to increase the number of relevant, high-quality applications for the Graduate programme. A target of 20% increase in applications was set – to be achieved without an increase in advertising spend.   

The decision was made to advertise exclusively on social media and Goole Search Ads, using advanced targeting to reach the right audience.   

The solution

Our programme ran a focused two-month campaign on Google Ads and Meta (previously Facebook) with the primary goal of directing the desired audience to a specific landing page to generate applications.  

The campaign didn’t just require highly targeted ads, but the right messaging and assets to optimise click-through rate (CTR).  

The delivery

Well-crafted messages and visuals, paired with diligent audience targeting, resulted in a significant influx of high-quality traffic to the campaign landing page. Surpassing KPIs by such remarkable margins is a testament to the synergy of a well-defined objective, robust strategy, and the adept use of digital platforms.   

All targets for social media and Google Ad impact were exceeded but most importantly, the campaign saw an increase of 73% in the number of graduate applicants for the Prysmian programme. 

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