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Delivering excellence year on year 

Premium aluminium and steel systems company Schüco celebrated the tenth anniversary of its Schüco Excellence Awards this year.   

Most award programmes keep their branding consistent year on year however the Schüco Excellence Awards changes its branding dramatically with each iteration.  

Why? The event is positioned as celebrating the innovation, creativity and design of the most successful building projects using Schüco systems. It follows that the awards themselves should reflect those same values, so the client’s brief is to refresh the offer every year. 

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The challenge

The Schüco Excellence Awards has its own branding which has evolved year on year. Given the overall positioning of the Excellence Awards as focussed on the most innovative design it would be disingenuous to promote the event using the same branding every year.   

The client’s brief for 2023 asked that the brand identity be elevated to reflect the importance of the tenth anniversary and tie into the location of the event. 

The solution

The design needed to be flexible enough to be used for a variety of applications throughout the whole awards process, from enticing people to enter, to the awards celebration event through to promoting the winners.   

This would include social media assets, printed and digital invitations, website content including banners, physical branding, email signatures, and videos of shortlisted and winning projects. 

Part of the design development process was a recce of the venues, a paddle steamer that would take guests on a river cruise drinks reception down the River Thames to the Cutty Sark museum, where the awards event was held.   

The purpose was not only to be able to draw inspiration from the venue but also for the very practical purpose of seeing where branding could be applied, and the forms it could take to ensure the design would work for all intended purposes. 

The delivery

Given the working title, ‘The new wave of excellence’ the key visual draws from the Schüco colour palette in line with the brand guidelines. The background is an image of the 2022 overall winning project coloured in ‘Schüco Green’, overlaid with a complementary Schüco secondary colour of dark blue. The green and blue together capture the essence of water and the addition of orange as an accent colour adds depth.   

The background image of the overall winning project from last year peaks through the curvy overlays adding texture and reminding the viewer of the main focus of the awards. 

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