Lead generation of a renewable start up

You are a start-up business launching an entirely new offer. You need to keep overheads low while generating high-quality sales leads. You need leads to turn into sales quickly, but you also need a pipeline to attract investment funding to support the ambitions for the business.  What do you do? Heatic – an enterprise offering free heat pumps under the Renewable Heat Incentive – focused on a digital marketing campaign to drive prospects to its website.  


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website visits within six weeks

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conversion rate to site visit stage

The Challenge

The owners of Heatic spotted an opportunity to use the Government Renewable Heat Incentive to provide free air source heat pumps into UK homes. With only nine months to go until the end of the RHI speed was of the essence. 

The Solution

Ridgemount got everything off the ground. We started with audience research to understand the motivations of our key target audience – every piece of content and promotion was based on the results. 

We masterminded the brand development, produced the website with a qualification form that integrated into the client’s CRM system, designed targeted social media advertising, ran digital promotions and a postcode targeted direct mail campaign. 

Key to the success was flexibility. We watched the web analytics like hawks. We needed to understand precisely what results were produced by each element of the campaign so that we could refine the tactics as we went along.

Always analysing

Social media might drive web traffic, but did it result in qualified leads? Too many people dropped off the qualification form without completing – why? Investigating every nuance allowed us to alter the programme at speed, delivering a rapidly escalating stream of qualified leads.  

Our window of opportunity ran only up until December – from that point the focus had to be on completing installations.  

The Delivery

Within six weeks we had delivered over 87,000 visitors to the website, with 20,000 starting the qualification form. The form was necessarily complex, as the client could only manage leads that were sure to meet the scheme criteria.   

After many refinements to the process, the scheme, at its height, was producing 150 qualified leads per day with an 80% conversion to site visit stage. 

Hectic, exhilarating and super-charged, this campaign absolutely proves how a well- researched and flexible marketing campaign can produce commercial success fast. 

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