Looking up with SAS

SAS International manufactures high-quality metal ceilings in the UK and exports around the world. 2019 saw a revitalisation of the company’s marketing activity, with a new website and a new focus on actively generating engagement with its audience of specifiers.

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The Challenge

SAS wants to raise awareness of its brand with architects and at the same time to make that audience aware of its website and experiment with newly established social media channels. For Q1 2020, Ridgemount was asked to come up with a creative campaign to tick those boxes.

The Solution

The Look Up campaign – a competition to drive website traffic, promoted via social media channels to a targeted audience in the UK, Australia and United States of America.

The premise was to ask respondents to identify a series of eight architecturally significant ceilings from iconic buildings around the world.

We used a selection of fantastic ceiling images to populate the social media channels prior to launching the competition and chose our prizes carefully. Based on our research (Construction Media Index 2019) we selected Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as the promotion channels and launched our social media advertising.

Testing, tracking and tweaking

Completed in three phases, we tested everything, using Campaign Tracking Links to make sure every result was entirely measurable. We tweaked the ads as we went on to maximise results, and saw engagement rise with each phase.

Respondents was taken to a landing page on the SAS website with the multiple choice quiz, and on completion were asked to leave their details to find out what answers were correct and then to receive further information from SAS.

The Delivery

Over the two months of the active campaign, website traffic increased by over 300% (over previous period). Just as importantly, in the two months following completion of the campaign, web traffic remained 44% higher than immediately prior to the promotion.

The client was able to gather over 2,000 new contacts across three continents and use of its three main social media channels rose exponentially.

Things are definitely looking up!

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