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Viega is a global leader for press connections and piping systems but has a tough fight in the UK. Embedded competitors dominate the landscape while inbuilt resistance to press technology in a conservative market has restricted engagement. Viega UK wants to challenge this. With a strong heritage and a technology advantage, the brief was to break through stiff competition and hard-to-crack audiences.

Campaign Overview

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The challenge

The challenge was communicating Viega’s ‘SC-Contur’ technology which is their main differentiator. To customers, all press connections shared a similar set of benefits. Speed, no hot works, and ‘leak-before-press’ were all commonly used sales messages.

The solution

While following Viega’s tight brand guidelines, this campaign needed to be unexpected and engaging, grabbing attention, and provoking interest.

The objective was to stir interest in the initial proposition, but also to drive traffic to the Viega website to expose the audience to the full Viega offer.

Communicating this nuance needed crafty creative.

The delivery

Digital and offline creatives were designed to attract attention before telling the story of the technology. The result is a campaign that was quick to catch the eye, and quicker to gain attention.

Huge engagement, great social media discussion and impressive web traffic numbers combine to make this a hugely successful campaign.

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