SEO project powers higher organic rankings for Prysmian

In 2021, cable manufacturer Prysmian Group created a new UK site to allow local branding and promotional opportunities. Although the site is closely linked to the Group website, it’s imperative that no information is duplicated, and the UK site is continuously populated with fresh content. This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in.  

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The Challenge

It’s vital that the UK site is constantly evolving with new content that is posted regularly. This content is generally used to support social media and PPC advertising campaigns, however, it also needs to help increase the website’s visibility in search engines. The Prysmian team wanted to experiment with a programme of ongoing SEO to improve the site’s organic rankings on Google against specific keywords. How would this work?

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The Solution

To do this, we’re running a small-scale project that quietly runs behind the headline-grabbing advertising campaigns that will help boost the rankings of the website. Some of the behind-the-scenes work includes:


1. Website performance checks – technical checks are completed each month with any glitches such as duplicated meta descriptions, broken internal links or missing title tags, identified and fixed.  Google will penalise sites with technical issues.


2. Keyword identification – The SEO team works with the client (and particularly the sales team) to understand what search engine queries are most likely. Competitor sites are also scanned to research their keyword strategy and candidate keywords are further investigated.

3. Analysis – This investigation will reveal how many web users are using that particular search term.  A very high volume of searches will look attractive but will also attract a lot of competition for a high ranking. The most successful keywords are generally those which are very specific and have a very strong association with the web content.


4. Provide the content – Once the target keywords have been identified, the writing team is briefed to provide content focused on those targets. For Prysmian there is an ongoing programme of new content creation, so it’s a case of ensuring that new content includes the target keywords or existing content is edited to do the same.


5. Monitoring – The browser ranking for each keyword is then monitored each month and the content programme is continually revised to support target keywords.

The Delivery

As the project is ongoing, the effect of this activity is cumulative, but a single month’s report indicates the effectiveness of the approach as pages climb the rankings for specific search terms.  

In the first half of 2022, we identified 17 target keywords. At the start of the year, the website was not ranking at all for 10 of these. By July all were appearing on Google search rankings with existing positions for priority keywords (such as fire rated cable) improving year on year. In the first year of the programme web traffic from organic search has risen by an impressive 40%. 

 With site errors being identified and regularly fixed, the domain authority of the site has increased by two percentage points and the site now has 76 keywords appearing in Google’s top ten. 

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