Our PR services

Build your reputation in-person and online.

Ridgemount started life as a PR agency, and we haven’t forgotten our roots. Working with our clients, we develop a PR Strategy that creates a positive reputation through press, social media, and in-person engagement.

Content is still king and still at the centre of our PR strategy. We use content to engage, retain, and educate an audience using a range of media to keep your business top of mind.

Specialists in media relations develop strong relationships with publications that cover news related to a brand.

Working with our clients, our specialised team of writers produce high-quality copy such as online features and articles, blog posts, case studies and web pages that gets the results.

Copy which informs, inspires, and persuades is the hallmark of good marketing.

Our team of trained journalists and expert technical writers work hard to create informative, persuasive, and engaging content that resonates and sticks with your customers.

From show stopping awards ceremonies, in-depth online webinars, and ground-breaking PR stunts

From show stopping awards shows, in-depth online webinars, and ground-breaking PR stunts Ridgemount has done it all. Our team is on hand to make sure everything goes without a hitch, gets people talking, and is one to be remembered.

When and if a crisis occurs, an organisation must be ready to manoeuvre quickly to minimise damage.

We don’t lose our heads in a crisis; we are on hand in the event of an unexpected hiccup. Working with you, Ridgemount sets up a strategy to get your company out of hot water quickly and unscathed.

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