Copy which informs, inspires, and persuades is the hallmark of good marketing.

Copywriting comes in many forms: press release, feature articles, Op-Eds, blogs, white papers, advertisements, social media posts and more. It’s the single most critical element of a marketing campaign so it’s essential that your copy is clear, well-informed and great to read.

Included in the service

Written content is still at the centre of our PR strategy. We use content to engage, retain, and educate an audience using a range of media to keep your business top of mind. 

Ridgemount is made up of ex-journalists who are experts in the written word.

Well executed, researched, and easily digested prose. Our team has you covered.

Exciting and interesting copy to sell your product or services is our bread and butter. 

We make sure every single word is informed and kept in tone with your brand.

Ridgemount have interviewed experts, figure heads and industry stalwarts to create articles that keep the reader gripped.

Do you have work in need of a refresh? Send it our way.

Does your prose need perfecting?

SEO project powers higher organic rankings for Prysmian

Rebranding a power house

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