Crisis Management

Crisis management is the process by which a company deals with an unexpected event or incident that threatens to harm the organisation’s reputation or do damage to its stakeholders.

Due to the unpredictability of global events, many companies attempt to identify potential crises before they occur to pre-emptively deal with them. When and if a crisis occurs, an organisation must be ready to manoeuvrer quickly to minimise damage.

Included in the service

Ridgemount works closely with you to plan for every and any outcome, ensuring your reputation is kept in-tact. A crisis can either be self-inflicted or caused by external forces, luckily, we know how to deal with both should either occur.

Failure to prepare and prepare to fail. We will work with you to work out a response to any issue before it can arise.

Our training makes you comfortable jumping in front of a camera or dealing with a particularly tricky journalist.

Ridgemount have fostered great relationships with top-flight journalists over the years, making it easier to know who to talk to. 

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