Event marketing is a hands-on experience with your brand to create memorable moments. 

Hosting an event is a great way to get people talking and engaging with your brand. The key is to make the event a unique brand experience. This is your opportunity to make your brand shine in the real world and engage face to face.

Included in the service

From show stopping awards ceremonies, in-depth online webinars, and ground-breaking PR stunts, Ridgemount has done it all. Our team is on hand to make sure everything goes without a hitch, gets people talking, and is one to be remembered.

Let us manage the spreadsheets, guestlist, and catering. Ridgemount has an experienced team ready to take on any event whatever the scale.

From mailshots to social media content we will deliver all that is needed to make sure your event is well attended by the right people. 

Ridgemount will be on hand on the day to keep things ticking over. 

Events offer great evergreen content even after the fact. We make sure we maximise the return on any event you host.

Ready to get people talking?

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