Ridgemount tops the table again

March 28, 2023

Do league tables matter? When you’re at the top, absolutely!

We are delighted to have maintained our number one ranking in the Construction Marketing Awards agency league table for the third year in a row.

Ridgemount has always been a supporter of the awards programme as the only one to focus specifically on the construction sector.  Why? Here’s three top reasons.


We think we’re great, of course, but how do we shape up against other great agencies doing excellent work? CMAs allow us a level playing field to compare like with like and reassure our clients that our campaigns are effective – particularly when we’re trying new things.

Promotional value

Clients and prospective clients pay attention too and we’re never going to underestimate the value of the prefix “award winning”.  Or even better, “multi award winning”.


“Well, that’s one piece of excellent news to brighten up a rubbish morning” – is how one of our account managers greeted the announcement. Being recognised by your industry provides a huge boost to the teams who have sweated blood to drive campaigns that really deliver for our fantastic clients.

No-one has a right to be in this list and we are very aware that we will have to work hard to stay at the top. It’s great to see the number of entries and the range of organisations entering the awards growing every year – but it sure makes it harder to win!

Just for the record, these are the campaigns and entries that have driven us to number one:

2022: Best use of website, Best use of Direct Mail

2021: Best Digital Campaign; Best Social Media Campaign, Best use of Events and Live Marketing; PR Agency of the Year

2020: Best Digital campaign; Best International campaign; Best Social Media Campaign; Best Professional Services Marketing Campaign; Best Low Budget Campaign; PR Agency of the Year; Agency of the Year