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We’ll plan your strategy 

Marketing strategy refers to the overall game plan for your business when attracting potential customers. Your strategy should be informed by research including understanding customer demographics and working with your brand messaging to position you as the market leader.

What does success look like to you? Ridgemount works closely with your in-house teams to get a deep understanding of your short and long-term business objectives. Every campaign should have a defined strategy with clear objectives and measurable goals.

Establishing a benchmark and identifying opportunities for your campaign

Understanding your customers, their buying habits and preferences together with benchmarking current opinion: this is the preparatory work that should shape your strategy.

Advertising or PR? Video, white papers, or exhibitions?

It’s the combination that packs the punches and we design campaigns that work consistently across disciplines.

Your target audience will use a whole range of media therefore consistency counts. Our most effective campaigns are those which are designed to work across every discipline with each element supporting the overall message. No single activity should be expected to work in isolation – it’s the combination which will achieve the best and most cost effective results

The sparking of a consumer’s interest in a brand, it drives them to discover more.

Leads can come from a variety of sources; digitally, direct mail, events or even via the phone and word of mouth. Gathering leads can generate huge amount of return for your business, once you have these contacts the sales part should be easy.

Creating relatable models that inform both the messaging and the delivery of your campaigns

If your message is going to resonate, it really helps to understand who you are talking to. The same campaign may need to influence some very different characters. Building a picture of those characters helps everyone involved in the delivery of a campaign to tailor activity to specific audience types.

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