Market Research

Establishing a benchmark and identifying opportunities are essential starting points for any campaign

The more information you have about your audience, your competitors and your market opportunity, the more likely it is that a campaign will hit the mark. We work with a range of providers to design the research project that suits your needs. That could be a consumer poll to support a PR story or scheduling telephone interviews to understand the demand for a particular product or service.

Included in the service

We’ll work with you to the establish what research method will most effectively support your campaign. We’ll recommend research partners that will be best suited to your project and manage the project from start to finish. We’ll agree the outputs required, set the budget and timescale and make sure that a comprehensive report is submitted on time. 

The project brief is essential – and that means being crystal clear about what outcome is expected.

We’ll match the right research specialist with the output required.

We’ll help design the questions and structure the report.

We’ll ensure that the report you get is absolutely tailored for the purpose, with results used to support the design of your campaign.

Are you ready to build your next campaign?

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