Persona Profiling

Audience Personas create relatable models that inform both the messaging and the delivery of your campaigns

If your message is going to resonate, it really helps to understand who you are talking to. The same campaign may need to influence some very different characters. Building a picture of those characters helps everyone involved in the delivery of a campaign to tailor activity to specific audience types.

Included in the service

We carry out a detailed analysis of your target audiences, using a combination of research, insight from your sales teams, and our own collective understanding of your market. We’ll use this to create recognisable individual personas that represent specific sections of your target audience. These are used to inform the creative and strategic approach.

Selecting the most informative data from a range of sources

Constructed characters that represent sections of your audience. A shorthand to describe each group

With a clear understanding of who we are targeting, each campaign activity will be designed to appeal to specific audience personas

Need to pursue the right persona?

A social experiment

Looking up with SAS

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